About AHIC

Our agents service California, Arizona and Nevada. American Healthcare Insurance Consultants was established by a group of professionals with over 20+ years of experience within the Medicare industry..

Our mission is to simplify Medicare so that every hard-working American can find the right plan that fits their needs and budget. Our state licensed agents under go 100+ hours of rigorous training every year from each insurance company we contract with, and the American Health Insurance Plans (A.H.I.P.) organization. We will do the research so that you can enjoy retirement and receive the care you are entitled to.

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Our Mission

Simplify Medicare. Our mission at A.H.I.C. is to provide you with an unbiased simplified overview of what Medicare is, how it works, and the options available to you. Let us guide you through the complex world of Medicare.

Our Vision

Our clients will have the security of knowing that AHIC will keep them ahead of all…keep our clients ahead of the constant changes Medicare has and health insurance industry.  We hope to be the choice of every Medicare Beneficiary when shopping for all their needs.


We want to make choosing a Medicare health insurance plan quick, easy, and transparent, no matter your situation or budget.


AHIC takes pride in staying ahead of the changes in Medicare, our clients are secure in knowing that they will be the most informed of the changes occuring every year in Medicare.

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